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**Both in-person and telehealth services offered**

 We Provide Treatment for Eating Disorders and Recovery from Compulsive Dieting 

Let us help you make peace with food and your body. Normalizing your relationship with food is possible and choosing yourself is the first step.


We are an outpatient eating disorder center in Yarmouth, Maine comprised of dietitians and mental health therapists. We treat all genders and ages.


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Kaleidoscope Eating Disorders & Diet Recovery Center

We provide mental health therapy and nutritional counseling for people struggling with eating disorders, compulsive dieting, anxiety, and depression. We use the Health at Every Size™ and Intuitive Eating model for people dealing with binge eating disorder, diet recovery, and associated eating disorders. Let us help you make peace with food and your body!


You are worth recovery.

Peter C.

"Rhonda was the only therapist that got to the root of my issues. She is both personable and extremely knowledgeable."

Ashley P.

Amy is not only a dietitian, but a food therapist! She understands what I'm going through based on her own experience and years working with people with food issues."

Frankie L.

"Marissa is relatable, kind, and wise. She was instrumental in my recovery from anorexia."

Our Offices

Kaleidoscope Eating Disorders & Diet Recovery Center

253 Main St., Yarmouth, ME 04096

(207) 400-6188

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